Minimum Standard Health Protocols

The following are the minimum recommended health protocols for all customers receiving massages or personal- care and beauty services not otherwise authorized, including but not limiting to electrolysis, waxing, tattoos, piercings, and hair loss treatment and growth services. These minimum health protocols are not a limit on the health protocols that individuals may adopt. Individuals are encouraged to adopt additional protocols consistent with their specific needs and circumstances to help protect the health and safety of all Texans.

The virus that causes COVID-19 can be spread to others by infected persons who have few or no symptoms. Even if an infected person is only mildly ill, the people they spread it to may become seriously ill or even die, especially if that person is 65 or older with pre-existing health conditions that place them at higher risk. Because of the hidden nature of this threat, everyone should rigorously follow the practices specified in these protocols, all of which facilitate a safe and measured reopening of Texas. The virus that causes COVID-19 is still circulating in our communities. We should continue to observe practices that protect everyone, including those who are most vulnerable.

Please note, public health guidance cannot anticipate every unique situation. Individuals should stay informed and take actions based on common sense and wise judgment that will protect health and support economic revitalization.

Health protocols for customers:

• Consistent with the actions taken by many individuals across the state, and because of the close proximity between individuals in these establishments, consider wearing cloth face coverings (over the nose and mouth) except when it interferes with the service being provided. If available, individuals should consider wearing non-medical grade face masks. Wearing a mask is of utmost importance because of the close proximity between individuals in these settings.

• Maintain at least 6 feet of separation from other individuals. If such distancing is not feasible, other measures such as face covering, hand hygiene, cough etiquette, cleanliness, and sanitation should be rigorously practiced.

• Self-screen before going into a close personal services establishment for any of the following new or worsening signs or symptoms of possible COVID-19:

– Cough
– Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
– Chills
– Repeated shaking with chills
– Muscle pain
– Sore throat
– Loss of taste or smell
– Diarrhea
– Feeling feverish or a measured temperature greater than or equal to 100.0 degrees Fahrenheit
– Headache
– Known close contact with a person who is lab confirmed to have COVID-19
– Wash or disinfect upon entering a close personal service establishment and after any interaction with employees, contractors, other customers, or items in the establishment.
– Wash or sanitize hands after the payment process.
– Individuals aged 65 or older are at a higher risk of COVID-19. To the extent possible, avoid contact within 6 feet with individuals aged 65 and older. Individuals aged 65 and older should stay at home as much as possible.

– Carry and use hand sanitizer regularly inside the facility to disinfect hands, especially after interaction with individuals outside the household.

Our mission is to promote your body’s natural ability to self heal with combined massage therapy techniques that are unique to each session, improving your quality of life.

Relax your Body & Mind in Traditional Swedish, Unwind from high stress or insomnia. Specializing in therapeutic massage which include modalities such as deep tissue, neuromuscular training, myofascial release, and stretching, Ryan offers treatment of injury and acute or chronic pain management, helping you improve range of motion and mobility to move without pain or discomfort.

Ryan’s extensive experience working with a wide range of clientele ages from children to elderly, expecting mothers, marathon runners, triathletes, bodybuilders, Strongman competitors, the dental industry, ranchers, oil field workers, shift workers, first responders, office employees, corporate leaders, and many more, has driven a passion to alleviate pain and retrain the muscles to function properly, promoting optimum performance in various sports and overall daily movement.

Ryan Massage Therapy believes in gradual correction because healing is different for each body. Together, we will design a treatment plan that fits your body’s healing. Over the course of your treatment, you will notice the stress decrease, pain you have grown to live with will disappear, and you will see improved mobility!

Let your Body & Mind, Unwind

Ryan is an excellent massage therapist! I always know I can count on her to fix my over worked muscles.

– Rebekah I

I started seeing Ryan for my sciatica. After 3 treatments my pain was gone! Ryan takes a more holistic approach and makes suggestions on what to do before and after massages, checks in on you for updates for her notes, and tailors her massage techniques to your wants and needs.

– Jess W

“Professional, experienced, and quality massage therapy.”

– Josh C

I spend a lot of time on my feet & working with my hands, and I carry a ton of stress in my muscles. A combination of work, posture, and psychosomatic stress had resulted in continuous pain, tension, and back spasms. I’ve resorted to pain medications which are both expensive, habit forming, and have harmful side effects. For my birthday, my wife treated me to an appointment for massage therapy by Ryan. I was unsure about this at first, my wife and I would massage each other but I am generally very sensitive and uncomfortable with other people touching me. I even began cutting my own hair because I cannot handle the discomfort of someone else so close in my personal space. So naturally, I walked into my appointment filled with anxiety. Ryan was exceptionally professional and courteous, she communicated clearly with my wife and I, and was sensitive to my comfort levels. She had set up a soothing & tranquil environment that relaxed all the senses, and allowed me to customize the experience fully to my own comfort level. She was mindful, giving me privacy when I needed, breaks, and communicated with me throughout the session with regards to my own comfort levels. When she worked, she moved like a machine, precise, accurate, like a surgeon with clear knowledge of muscles, nerves, and lymphatic systems. She was able to work out deep muscle knots throughout several layers of muscle, providing a release of tension and relief of pain far better than any pain medication could offer. At the end of the session, I felt like a new man, my body and brain had been fully rebooted, and for the rest of the day I felt like I was walking on clouds and had no pain in my back. The difference between the pain and tension and stress before and after I walked into Ryan’s massage clinic was remarkable. I am trying to convince my wife to get herself in there as well, and already planning to schedule future sessions.

If you are new to massage therapy, I must say that Ryan is the one to see, if you care about professionalism, courtesy, precision, and skill.

I am no longer uncomfortable with massage therapy; I know who I can trust to provide excellence in service and professionalism.

– J.M.

Greatest massage I’ve ever had in my life!!! Ryan is truly amazing.”

– Zac C

“I can’t say enough about how talented and knowledgeable Ryan is. Her healing hands have made a huge difference in my life, she truly helps you unwind and walk out with clarity.”

– Olivia H

“My body feels so refreshed after my much needed massage. Thank you Ryan!”

– Rebekah M

“Had an amazing 90 minute massage with Ryan and she was awesome! Great atmosphere, very relaxing and she listens to your needs! Awesome job, Ryan. Thank you”

– Jenna L

Ryan Massage Therapy Studio is located in New Braunfels, Texas – off Seguin Street on your way downtown.

147B E. Faust Street
New Braunfels, TX 78130

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